Sir Edmund Hillary

The late Sir Edmund Hillary*  KG ONZ KBE requested
"Help me help the Sherpas"


* Photo of the late Sir Edmund Hillary by Pat and Rosemarie Keough


W.F. (Zeke) O'Connor

Robert Kolbuc

Karen O'Connor, President
Byron Smith, VP Marketing
Robin D. Walker, Secretary
Dr. Kami T. Sherpa,
(Senior Medical Officer)
Kevin Leung, Treasurer

Dr. Joan Ford
Peter W. Webster
C. Richard Sharpe
Dr. Robert Zimmerman

Phillip Crawley
Francisco Gomez
Piers Handling
Peter Hillary
Paul Hubner
Patti Hull
Kevin Leung
Nima McElhinney
Todd Millar
Karen O’Connor
Herb Paterson
Franco Perugini
Dr. Kami T. Sherpa
Phurba S. Sherpa
Byron Smith
Robin D. Walker

Barbara Anderson
Brian Baxter
Michael Benton
Lynn Hurley
Edward Lorriman



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The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation mourns the loss of 16 Sherpa Guides who recently lost their lives on Mount Everest. Along with this tremendous loss, the families of those who perished have not only lost a loved one, a husband, a father, a son, a brother or relative, they have also suffered a major financial impact. As the Sherpas main source of income comes from Guiding, this loss presents a huge hardship for those left behind. Tragically, many Sherpa Guides have lost their lives on Everest due to the dangerous and unpredictable conditions of the mountain.

We at The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation have set up a fund to help the families of Sherpa Guides who have suffered through mountaineering accidents in the past, the present and in the future. Your donation can go a long way to preserve the livelihood of many Sherpa families. 

Give a little and help a lot.

All funds received by the Foundation will go directly to those families who have lost so much.

The Kunde Hospital

For more than 34 years, The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) has funded and monitored the operation of the Kunde Hospital and appointed eight teams of doctors and each year has visited the Hospital. 

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As I closed my eyes to try to think back to what 60 years ago might have looked like to Sir Edmund and his group struggling up Everest; attempting to be the first to conquer the elusive ...

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New Secondary School

The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation in conjunction with the Rotary Club of West Calgary and the Local NGO is currently building "The Zeke O'Connor High School" in the village of Phaplu.

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We have updated information for the Zeke O'Connor High School.