Sir Edmund Hillary

The late Sir Edmund Hillary*  KG ONZ KBE requested
"Help me help the Sherpas"


* Photo of the late Sir Edmund Hillary by Pat and Rosemarie Keough


W.F. (Zeke) O'Connor

Robert Kolbuc

Karen O'Connor, President
Robin D. Walker, Secretary
Dr. Kami T. Sherpa,
(Senior Medical Officer)
Kevin Leung, Treasurer

Dr. Joan Ford
Peter W. Webster
C. Richard Sharpe
Dr. Robert Zimmerman

Phillip Crawley
Patricia Gagic
Francisco Gomez
Piers Handling
Peter Hillary
Paul Hubner
Patti Hull
Kevin Leung
Nima McElhinney
Karen O’Connor
David Paterson
Franco Perugini
Elia Saikaly
Dr. Kami T. Sherpa
Phurba S. Sherpa
Robin D. Walker

Barbara Anderson
Brian Baxter
Michael Benton
Lynn Hurley
Edward Lorriman

Registered Ontario Charitable Organization No. 11915 0837 RR0001

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President’s Report


My visit to Nepal in October gave me hope that through the generosity of our donors we will be able to rebuild our projects and in doing so we will make them much stronger to withstand future quakes. Engineers have been working with our teams in Khunde to design stronger more earthquake- resistant buildings less likely to be damaged with future shakes.
I was able to visit the Zeke O’Connor Phaflu Community School and meet the children. I went through each class 8-11 and shook their hands and heard their names and where they were from. We discussed favourite subjects and looked at projects they were doing. Each class has 30 students with a pretty equal amount of girls to boy ratio and extremely eager to learn.  We learned of a recent grade 10 graduate who had received top regional marks and won a scholarship to a school in Kathmandu.  This young Rai girl wants to go to medical school and then plans to come back and work in the area. What more can a foundation ask for than having these young people go full circle and bring back their knowledge to help others in their regions?

I also was able to meet with The Duke of Edinburgh Programme Manager in Kathmandu. Our school has 30 students enrolled in the Bronze Award this year. We are excited to offer this program to the students so they may earn achievements outside the class room criteria.

Nepal itself, although presently suffering under India’s blockade of fuel, seems to be recovering well from the Spring earthquakes. Although there are still displaced people and villages destroyed, NGO’s are helping in these specific areas and the situation appears to be getting better.

I was thrilled to see a cleaner Kathmandu this trip  and although tourism is down, hopefully come May 2016 the industry will bounce back as Everest is still a destination so many people have on their bucket list. The mountains remain beautiful and their people friendly and welcoming.


Karen O'Connor

Earthquake Rebuild Update

Click here for information regarding the earthquakes in Nepal.

First and most of all, we want to thank everyone for your generous donations to the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation’s Nepal Earthquake Rebuild Fund. We have been continuously working with our people on the ground in Nepal to assess the damage and determine the work that is required. We have also engaged the resources of structural engineers and builders to determine the safety aspects of those buildings that have been severely affected and to analyze the amount of work and the cost required to rebuild or renovate. While some projects have been approved to move forward, the demand on workers in the High Himalayas as in most areas of Nepal is stretched to the maximum; this coupled with the Monsoon Season is causing the process to move at a slower pace than originally anticipated. Many families, including our own Dr. Kami’s family, are back into parts of their living quarters while the clean-up continues. Some others are also still sleeping in tents.

At The Kunde Hospital temporary tent shelters were set up immediately following the earthquakes to allow for continuation of needed health care for patients, health care workers and some residents of Kunde. The same can be said of many families and their homes in small villages throughout the mountain areas. We have been receiving updates from Nepal along with detailed estimates of damages inflicted on many of the projects supported by The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation for many years. We can assure you that every dollar that you have so generously donated will go to support these projects and a few others too! We will continue to monitor the progress of the engineers and builders and once we have all the pertinent information we will act and again update everyone who donated through our Website and Newsletters. A further important happening is that our President, Karen O’Connor, along with another Director of the Foundation, Nima Sherpa, will go to Nepal in a few weeks to work with the local committees as we endeavor to Help the Sherpas in every way we can!!

We sincerely thank you and appreciate your continued support and patience.

Karen O'Connor

Robert Kolbuc
Earthquake Committee



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The Kunde Hospital

For almost 40 years, The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) has funded and monitored the operation of the Kunde Hospital and appointed eight teams of doctors and each year has visited the Hospital.

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This year, the Foundation’s office has been busy planning both the Toronto Gala as well as the Calgary Gala. Since the decision to realign the Calgary dinner, Zeke, Bob Kolbuc and Martine Quin worked overtime looking for volunteers in Calgary to help out.

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New Secondary School

The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation in conjunction with the Rotary Club of West Calgary and the Local NGO has helped build "The Zeke O'Connor High School" in the village of Phaplu.

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Everest Area and Kunde Hospital Anniversary Trek 2016 

Everest Area and Kunde Hospital Anniversary Trek 2016

supporting your cause

After a friendship of several years with Sir Edmund Hillary,accompanying him on trips within Canada and the U.S.A., Mr. W.F. (Zeke) O’Connor was honoured in being invited as the Canadianrepresentative on an expedition to the Mount Everest Base Campin 1973, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the successfulascent of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund and Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay.Mr. O’Connor and now Karen O’Connor the current president haverevisited Nepal each year since his first visit in 1973 to the present.Karen O’Connor and a number of the Foundation Directors return toCanada each year with a deeper understanding of the many needsof the Sherpa people and a determination to further the effortsof seeking financial aid for the worthy projects underway in themountain regions of Nepal. Emphasis is on involvement of the localcommunity. As a result of this groundwork, the totally Canadian TheSir Edmund Hillary Foundation (SEHF) began in 1974‑75 and receivedits charter on October 1, 1976, and is registered as a charitableinstitution.Read more about the foundation


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